Cara Memasak Gluten Free Marble Cake yang Mudah

By | Ogos 5, 2022

Hello kawan rakan, Adakah anda mencari resepi bagaimana untuk membuat Gluten Free Marble Cake mudah ? Jika benar, rakan rakan boleh membaca dan mengikuti panduan resipi bagaimana untuk membuat Gluten Free Marble Cake dalam langkah mudah 5 yang berikut. This gluten-free marble cake recipe is perfect for those times when you can't decide between chocolate or vanilla cake. Great for birthday parties and other celebrations. Is it just me or has marble cake fallen a bit out of fashion?

It's extremely easy to make also. Swirl Betty Crocker™ Gluten Free devil's food and yellow cake mixes to create a delicious dessert. MORE+ LESS It's a gluten free marble cake. Dalam panduan ini, kami menggunakan 10 ramuan memasak untuk membuat Resipi Gluten Free Marble Cake yang lazat dan lazat. Di samping itu, kita hanya memerlukan langkah 5, ia pasti sangat mudah untuk rakan kawan cuba di rumah.

Ramuan untuk membuat Gluten Free Marble Cake

Sila rakan rakan menyediakan 10 ramuan yang diperlukan untuk membuat Resipi Gluten Free Marble Cake di bawah.

  1. 220 g – butter.
  2. 4 – eggs.
  3. 170 g – cassava flour.
  4. 10 g – corn flour.
  5. 4 tbspn – fresh milk.
  6. 1/2 – tspn salt.
  7. 1 – tspn baking powder.
  8. 200 g – brown sugar.
  9. 2 tbspn – cocoa powder.
  10. 1 – tspn vanilla essence.

Chocolate and vanilla cake batters are, well, marbled together, and then baked until they're pretty. If all you expect is some chocolate and vanilla marbles and swirls, then you won't be disappointed if your cake doesn't look like a zebra baked into a cake. This marble cake has a pound cake texture, it's rich, perfectly moist, chocolatey, and full of vanilla flavor. It took many attempts before getting This cake has absolutely no grittiness, is perfectly moist, easily sliceable, and it tastes delicious.

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Langkah untuk membuat resepi Gluten Free Marble Cake

Seterusnya sila rakan rakan mengikuti 5 langkah-langkah membuat resipi Gluten Free Marble Cake ini.

  1. Preheat the oven to 165 C. Lightly grease the pan with some butter..
  2. Mix the flour and the baking powder together and sieve. Add in salt and mix well. Set aside..
  3. Use an electronic beater to mix butter and sugar until well combined or pale yellow in color. Add in the first egg. Beat well after each addition of egg until creamy. Scrape down the sides and add in vanilla essence and fold in the flour into the mixture and mix well. Finally, add in the milk..
  4. Divide the batter into two portions. Stir the cocoa powder into one portion and mix well. Transfer the plain batter into the greased baking pan. Shake it lightly to distribute evenly. Pour the cocoa batter in the middle of baking pan, and lightly swirl the cocoa batter with a butter knife..
  5. Bake until golden brown and cooked, about 30 minutes..

You will never believe it's gluten-free and refined sugar-free! Like and subscribe turn your notifications on. And try these mouthwatering recipes whilst your in lockdown. To spice up this Marble Cake, I added some pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon to the batter. I know Starbucks sells a Pumpkin Pie Spice Latte, so I knew coffee and pumpkin spice had to go together.